About Josiah

The first thing to know about me is that there's a reason that I'm on this side of the camera. Just like you, I hate to have my picture taken. I get that fake smile, the grin-and-bear-it grimace, that awful feeling of ugh, why me?

The second thing is that the above picture was not taken in a quiet little studio, but on a stage in front of three hundred or more people. So how is it that I appear so calm, cool, and relaxed when I was feeling anything but?

I have had the absolute blessing in my life of having trained alongside some of the world's top wedding and portrait photographers. It has taught me how to remain calm in chaotic situations, how to connect with everyone that I come in contact with, and how to photograph anyone.

Who am I? A people photographer. A life-long student with an enormous love for learning. An aviator. A father to three beautiful girls. A husband to an amazing woman. An Arizona transplant from the Pacific Northwest. A teller of terrible dad jokes. Someone you should really get to know.

Come and visit me at my studio (not in front of three hundred people) and get to know me. Together, we can find and share your story.